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  1. Before hearing this debate I’d thought Perriello was just too progressive to beat out Goode. After hearing this, and realizing that apparently Goode’s answer to everything is drilling for more oil, I now believe Perriello has a excellent chance to win this.

    I think anyone that listens to the two of them together has got to realize that Perriello’s perspective on everything from energy to foriegn policy is far more intellegent and informed.

    As a side note, Perriello was in my classes growing up. Kind of surreal to see one of your peers running for congress! Reflectively, it makes sense though.

  2. Thank you for having this discussion available on your site. It is a very important debate, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to hear it myself.

    Tom Perriello was flawless, inspiring, and it makes me want to get up and join him on the road! Thank you for giving us HOPE. I know Goode mentioned your ‘vague generalities’ but maybe he was having a ‘senior moment’ and napping while you were saying how you will work a DOUBLE SHIFT in Congress to bring back jobs and economic relief!!

    Goode also mentioned ‘touching all 22 jurisdictions’ and I also read where he handed out watermelon during a baseball game. I found this very appropriate, and a symbol of his campaign. Because he makes us feel good for a moment, but then, as with the watermelon, we are STARVING a half hour later! He hands out watermelon while a few weeks ago he allowed over 400 employees in Martinsville to hit the unemployment lines!

    So, Virgil, don’t ‘touch base’ with us, don’t ask us what we are thinking…you know when unemployment is at an all time high, and gas is outrageous…you know what we need. This didn’t happen overnight, you have been in office for the last SIX TERMS!!

    You, Mr. Goode, can say you actually played a roll in making this country such a DISASTER!! Yet you talk like you have nothing to do with our current crisis, but you can fix it, if we elect you. WHAT? Maybe we fell for your jumping the fence from Democrat to Republican (so you can get more votes) but I’m not falling for you washing your hands of the responsibility of the crisis in your 5th district.

    We need TOM PERRIELLO to help us out of this mess. And I’M A REPUBLICAN SAYING THIS, so don’t blame it on the Democrats. Republicans want you out too!

    Thank you, VIRGIL, for spending ‘years focusing on the energy situation.’ Your efforts have sent gas prices up another DOLLAR just in the last year. Pro-drill? Is that all you can come up with?

    How about alternative fuels? But then again, you’ve kept your head in the sand for so long that YOU say you don’t even know what a RAPPER is…I don’t expect you to know the meaning of alternative fuel. Maybe while you are ‘touching’ someone in my district, they will tell you the meaning of both. I say someone else, because I’ve lived here for 10 years and you have never bothered to shake my hand, even when I was in your immediate vicinity…

    And that is why you stopped talking and took questions, because you have NOTHING to bring to the table.

    Good luck Mr. Perriello. I have gone to http://www.gotom2008.com and donated $$ to your campaign because I heard Goode is getting his $$ from lobbyists, etc. It’s not fair. You have gone out on a limb for us, and that’s the least we can do for you is help you out. Win and take some of those idiots out in Washington!

    May God be with you Mr. Perriello. Keep up the good work.

    Just another Republican…

  3. Personally, Richard Stone doesn’t sound remotely like a Republican to me (at least what I stereotypically think a Republican sounds like).

  4. I don’t know what a “stereotypical Republican” would sound like. Does Goode sound like a Democrat or an Independent?

    But then again, Goode sounds like what? He changes parties like he changes his oil. He says and does whatever it takes to get what he wants AND WE FALL FOR IT.

    I’m sure Goode is a nice man, but right now I’m sick of it. He is using ALL parties to get votes.

    If you REALLY listen to the program, he wants what? His solution to the health insurance crisis is to round up all the illegals. Then slaps us in the face by saying that he is introducing a bill that would give ALL OF US the same insurance as the Congress…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Like Tom Perriello said, “Does that come with the $200,000 salary too?”

    This Goode is a real joke. He is banking on the Republicans to be blind and deaf, and just vote straight Republican. I cannot do this. Why? Because I have a BRAIN and I’m going to use it.

    That is the beauty of being American!!

    Our men and women have fought and died for my right to decide who I want to vote for…

    God Bless Our Troops!!

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