5 thoughts on “Burglars Beaten”

  1. These two have a VERY high likelihood of receiving a Darwin Award in the near future.

  2. I love the fact that apparently Waynesboro has separate B&E charges for after sunset — one of the charges: Burglary in the Nighttime. That would be a cool band name.

  3. These are absolutely the stupidest criminals I have heard of in ages. They make the dorks who shot up 64 with a .22 look like a MENSA committee.

    Three cheers for the neighbors who helped the victim! Look at that first guy, Blake Via. He can’t even open his left eye for the photo! If more criminals encountered this sort of response from the public, I think there would be a lot more crime.

    This is an excellent antidote to that piece in the Washington Post today, ‘The Impassive Bystander.’


    Well worth reading, by the way.

  4. The two druggie morons are very lucky to be alive. Brandishing a BB gun is an excellent way to get oneself shot. They look like they took a fair whoopin from the neighbors, who should be commended for stepping up to deal with crime in their midst.

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