Downtown Mall Plans Being Finalized

Plans are being finalized for the Downtown Mall overhaul, Sean Tubbs writes for Charlottesville Tomorrow, and a couple of hundred people showed up at a Monday-night forum to see and comment on the plans. Having learned from when the Mall was built in the first place, the city will be working with “block captains,” representing the businesses on each block of the Mall, to figure out how to time construction to keep from shutting down the whole shebang for all five months that the reconstruction should require. In a minor but important issue, they’re looking at going with 4″x12″ pavers, as specified by the original designer of the Mall, with sand-swept joints, rather than the mortared ones that have worked out so badly. Construction is scheduled to begin in January.

Coolest of all, they’re looking at giving away the torn-up bricks to the public, so that we can all have a bit of the Downtown Mall on our patios and in our barbecues. Sign me up for that.

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