Odd-Tasting Tap Water?

If you’ve thought the tap water tastes funny lately, you’re not alone. It’s a harmless blue-green algae, and it’ll be gone soon. Heck, some hippies pay good money to ingest the stuff.  #

4 Responses to “Odd-Tasting Tap Water?”

  • I was once at a house in Nelson County near the Monroe Institute and I saw what I assumed was a dish of candy on the table, so I unwrapped one and tossed it in my mouth. BLECK! “What was that!” I thought to myself, thinking I’d just accidentally consumed some kind of medicine. I then checked out the label which read, “Super blue green algae”. Needless to say, I wan’t pleased that I accidentally consumed the stuff. After all, It did indeed have the same taste and smell as the cyanobacteria I scrape off the sides of my aquarium.

    Glad I use a well!!

  • I’m glad they’ve taken steps to combat this. I first noticed this awhile back and the water had just tasted gross. The flavor is not unlike water filtered through a nasty old water softener–slimy, musty, weird.

  • Yep, I agree with Jocelyn. Noticed it a couple weeks ago – not terrible, but definitely a noticeable musty, “dirt”y taste to me. Glad that they identified it and are in the process of taking care of the issue.

  • The same thing happened to Lynchburg’s Pedlar Reservoir last year. Officials initially thought it would pass quickly, but eventually they switched to using the James River as a source (surprisingly, a great improvement)for quite a while until the reservoir had risen back to normal depths.

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