4 thoughts on “Odd-Tasting Tap Water?”

  1. I was once at a house in Nelson County near the Monroe Institute and I saw what I assumed was a dish of candy on the table, so I unwrapped one and tossed it in my mouth. BLECK! “What was that!” I thought to myself, thinking I’d just accidentally consumed some kind of medicine. I then checked out the label which read, “Super blue green algae”. Needless to say, I wan’t pleased that I accidentally consumed the stuff. After all, It did indeed have the same taste and smell as the cyanobacteria I scrape off the sides of my aquarium.

    Glad I use a well!!

  2. I’m glad they’ve taken steps to combat this. I first noticed this awhile back and the water had just tasted gross. The flavor is not unlike water filtered through a nasty old water softener–slimy, musty, weird.

  3. Yep, I agree with Jocelyn. Noticed it a couple weeks ago – not terrible, but definitely a noticeable musty, “dirt”y taste to me. Glad that they identified it and are in the process of taking care of the issue.

  4. The same thing happened to Lynchburg’s Pedlar Reservoir last year. Officials initially thought it would pass quickly, but eventually they switched to using the James River as a source (surprisingly, a great improvement)for quite a while until the reservoir had risen back to normal depths.

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