5 thoughts on “McGrady’s Bans Smoking”

  1. this is beyond fantastic. one of the last places I expected to do this, and a place I’m at every weekend (due to it being the cvssc sponsor bar).

    many people wouldn’t go when it was raining due to it being so smoky inside, and not wanting to be out in the rain on the deck .. hopefully this changes things. I’d routinely go in to get a beer, be there for maybe 1 minute, and come out reeking of smoke.

  2. Yeah Tim McCormack , Wonder if there is a local enterprise which can eradicate the smell? Might be a good business if the no smoking trend continues. Although I`ve been in “no smoking” hotel rooms which still smelled (presumes they were honest about the no smoking).

  3. one of the last places I expected to do this

    they’re just following the lead of their “mother” country a few years late…http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3565899.stm

    personally, i’m quite happy about this. i really like mcgrady’s, and even though i’m an ex-smoker, i think it will be a much more enjoyable place to hang out now.

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