4 thoughts on “Improved Headlines”

  1. My apologies for taking your nice-looking software and applying it in such an ugly fashion. Since no local news outlets (IIRC) provide images in their RSS, the whole thing looks pretty sparse. Eventually I’ll mash up cvillenews.com, Charlottesville News Headlines, and Charlottesville Blogs into a single site, and that should help fill things out.

  2. Welcome to the Mimbo family. Darren did a fantastic job with this theme, I use it for Charlottesville Photo Night.

    I was wondering why there is no news from the DP.com on Cville Headlines? Are our RSS feeds still giving you trouble? I will ask our tech people about adding pictures to the stream.

  3. DP.com news is showing up there, it’s just that the Newsplex feed totally overwhelms it and the other feeds. I’ve been working on a solution to weight Newsplex items down, thus bubbling up the others, but I haven’t hit on one that works yet. It’s really frustrating.

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