2 thoughts on “Dredging Presentation”

  1. May 19th at 7:30pm City Council will hold a public hearing about what water plan will be best for this community.

    Both city and county residents are welcome to comment, and unfortunately for county folk it may be your only opportunity unless you can implore your elected officials to hold their own hearing. To date there has been NO PUBLIC HEARING before elected officials in the county and I see this as a huge miscarriage of our ability as citizens to participate in this critical process. All previous meetings were conducted by the RWSA which includes NO elected officials. The RWSA proposal will have huge implications for our community and for all city residents and those in the urban county who will see drastically increased water bills for years to come. Not just the first 5 years , but far into the future. This is not yet a plan and before we lock ourselves into needless expense we need to finally take care of the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir, which has not been maintained for 40 years, We must insist that our officials take the first step and that a feasibily study be done that will cost a fraction of the 3.1 million that Rivanna Consultants, Gannett Fleming are being paid to engineer the new dam at Ragged Mt.
    A sedimentation study was part of the RWSA budget and recommended by the consultants, but was dropped by the RWSA board this year.

    We all know that whatever plan is chosen that remains in our watershed and provides enough water for 50 years MUST include maintaining capacity at South Fork Rivanna Reservoir and so the money for that must be in any plan that our elected officials approve.

    Please attend the May19th public hearing at City Council Chambers at 7:30 and not let our Reservoir continue to silt in and continue to keep it a viable part of our water supply.

  2. May 19th is also the WATER RATE PUBLIC HEARING 7:30 pm
    City Council Chamber. This your only shot at affecting your
    WATER BILLS !!!!

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