2 thoughts on “The USS Charlottesville”

  1. They gave the USS Charlottesville to the Soviets?!?!?!?!

    I demand a replacement frigate. AT ONCE. Everybody start emailing Jim Webb’s office about this. Dead serious here.

  2. Very interesting find, Waldo. I note this entry from the online Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships: “Charlottesville (PF-25) was launched 30 July 1943 by Walter Butler Shipbuilding Co., Superior, Wis., under a Maritime Commission contract; sponsored by Mrs. J. E. Gleason, wife of the mayor of Charlottesville…”

    I find myself very curious about this naming process. According to an entry on the above sites FAQ: “When a woman accepts the Secretary of the Navy’s invitation to sponsor a new ship, she has agreed to stand as the central figure in an event with a heritage reaching backward into the dim recesses of recorded history.” So the sponsor is asked by the Navy to christen the ship, but what is the process for actually naming a ship? How did the USS Charlottesville get its name?

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