It’s Spring


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OK, I’m calling it — winter is over, spring is here. Monday’s threat of sleet was winter’s last gasp. I was convinced of that when I saw this photo by Bill Detmer appear in the Charlottesville Flickr group this morning. The daffodils have come and gone, the flowering trees behind my office have lost their flowers, and The Dogwood Festival is underway.

A barely related memory. A decade ago, when Robert Van Winkle was still at NBC 29. It’s early December. The weather has turned cold because, hey, winter’s coming. Robert has just finished providing the forecast. A bubbly anchor without a brain in her head turns to him and asks earnestly: “oh, Robert, when will this cold snap end?”

5 thoughts on “It’s Spring”

  1. How dare you attempt to force winter out before every last cold snap is in!

    The fact that flowers are blooming and birds are singing means nothing. The leaves on those trees could be frozen into mush by a single mis-step on spring’s part. This spring is an unproven season that has not been vetted and will surely lose.

    Why, if spring can’t stand up against the attacks of winter, then what do you think is going to happen when you pit it against summer? Winter is a proven fighter and survivor. Winter is experienced and ready to go from day one.

    We’re taking this thing all the way to the solstice.

    Winter ’08!

  2. Can you say “Global Warming”? Pretty soon it’ll just the weather person saying, “Sunny today, followed by gradual darkness this evening.” P.S. – Norm Sprouse is da man!

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