5 thoughts on “C.L.A.W. Recounted”

  1. Can you imagine the press we’d get if John Casey, Waldo Jaquith, and Ted Genoways attended CLAW? I’m just sayin’…the Blue Moon Diner on arm wrestling night might be Charlottesville’s new literary salon.

  2. Really Waldo? Cause I work with about 50% of them directly, including the champion…. Who’s the overlap I wonder?

  3. It was quite a scene Tuesday night. I’m still thinking they need a more sophisticated gambling setup. Once you purchase your C.L.A.W bucks they should have an odds maker and booky so that you can bet on the matches and whatnot, but in the end you turn in all your winnings or they auction something off, like Wistar’s pantyhose head piece or Katie’s zoro mask.

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