South Street Teardown

Dave McNair writes in The Hook:

The Blue Moon Fund is getting ready to demolish a 13-year-old apartment building on its property at 222 South Street to make way for a new 6,800-square-foot conference center. But an adjoining property owner wonders why the philanthropic organization dedicated to “new economic, cultural, and environmental approaches to resource use, energy use, and urban development” didn’t take him up on his proposal to save landfill space by simply letting him move the building next door.

Tearing down a structure to build an environmentally friendly one is like…uh…help me out here. Pushing your poodle out of a moving car to save a mutt from the SPCA? Selling your child to organ thieves to foster another one? Hacking off a limb to replace it with a less calorically-demanding carbon fiber prosthetic?

12 thoughts on “South Street Teardown”

  1. Thanks for posting that Waldo. Just want to clarify that I was quoting the Hook there. It wasn’t real obvious from the email I sent you I’m afraid.


  2. What a bunch of hypocrites. If the adjoining property owner is offering to pay all of the expenses for moving the building then there is no good excuse for refusing the offer.

    I will have a hard time taking ‘The Blue Moon Fund’ seriously.

  3. Wait you mean when I told the my SO that buying a new LCD was going to save us a lot of energy that I was gaming the system.

    SHHHH- come on guys, if this keeps up I’m never going to get a Mac Air.

  4. I have a stack of CRT monitors out on the back porch if you need one. By the way, anybody know where to recycle these things for free? It would cost me about $200 to take all my electronic junk for recycling to Crutchfield’s trailer. I know a few months ago some Va. colleges all had free electronic recycling for the community on the same day. Not U.Va.

  5. Colfer — I think I saw an ad from Crutchfield saying that next week they’d be accepting electronic junk for free. Some restrictions apply, and the ad didn’t say what those restrictions will be. I don’t have the ad here, so I can’t confirm the dates.

  6. I’m not good at this as some of you are but I’ll try: Like bulldozing thousands of trees around a reservoir to plant a handful somewhere else? Like putting a road through McIntire Park in exchange for some other acres in the car-polluted park?
    colfer, maybe Computers4Kids can use them. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the school districts might be interested (don’t waste your time on the big spending ones). Maybe if you put them on Craig’s List, somebody will pick them up.
    BTW, the Blue Moon people are the founders of the Downtown Design Center according to their website. Perhpas, they do not fully understand the implications of their (Blue Moon’s) stated mission found on their web site. Oh well, as long as they mean well.
    The owners of the Compton House balked at giving somebody the change to move that building. John Crafaik once proposed to allow people to move some of his housing on Wertland to other older sections of town, rather than tear them down. I never heard what happend to that.

  7. Ooh, I have a good one, from my mailbox yesterday: like getting junk mail that says “this information is printed on recycled paper to help the environment.”

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