3 thoughts on “JABA Serving Local Foods”

  1. When he was a member of the member of the Albermarle Co. school board, JABA CEO Gordon Walker also worked toward getting healthier foods on the schools menus. Too bad the City schools aren’t doing a better job of eliminating the crap.

  2. Local food in the Charlottesville public schools? That would be exciting, indeed. I do recall my children’s lunch menus would sometimes specify a “Virginia apple” rather than just an apple.

  3. Hmmm… not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll suggest it to CCOES who can make it an official recommendation to City Council.

    Of course, from what I remember from public school was that the food was all generally overcooked or some weird mixture designed to use up the agricultural surplus they’d receive from the USDA. (Prune burgers… Mmmm…) It does seem to me that buying food from local farmers would make a heck of alot more sense than essentially buying the surplus of crops that are over produced.

    That said, I just don’t know how much ability schools have to choose their food source, or not. I also imagine it’d cost alot more, plus in the winter there just wouldn’t be very much agricultural produce to be had. Still worth investigating though.

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