Planning Commission Rejects Pantops Sports Complex

The Planning Commission shot down the proposed Pantops sports complex yesterday, saying it’s just too big given the parcel’s rural designation. The plot would have to to have its zoning designation changed, which would flout the whole idea of growth areas. They like the concept, just not the location for it.

All of these concerns came up here when this was proposed last month, so it’s hard to say that this was unexpected. It’s tough to argue with commissioner Linda Porterfield, who says that while the lot might be designated rural, just look around at Pantops — it’s a little late.

Charlottesville Tomorrow has the full report on the commission meeting.

2 thoughts on “Planning Commission Rejects Pantops Sports Complex”

  1. It’s my understanding that a lot of non-sports things will accompany this project. According to what I’ve read, the project can continue by just moving it 75 feet (or yards – too lazy) so there shouldn’t be many problems building it on such a large tract. It’s the piggy-backing uses that may have drawn the red flag.

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