Eat Locally, Save Energy

A study by a UVa student shows that buying food at the C’ville farmer’s market saves energy.  #

6 Responses to “Eat Locally, Save Energy”

  • I would like to see a comparison between energy used by the farmer’s market vs. your average grocery store. That would be a more electrifying comparison.

  • There isn’t enough fresh produce grown within 25 miles of charlottesville to support a family of 4. All of that stuff either comes from a market in S.C. or N.C. or standard produce or C’ville market. I wish you people would get over this local crap…it just doesn’t exist….It takes a tremendous amount of energy to grow, harvest and distribute produce/food to the consumer. I for one don’t think the Charlottesville Market is anything but a Saturday morning diversion for certain types of people who have nothing to do on Saturday morning other than drink a $10 cup of coffee and mill around at the Market. Local tomatoes the last week of may or first week of June…give me a break…. Just my .02.

  • Jogger, there’s plenty of food grown here in VA, you just need to know where to look. Here’s a map of local farms in this area. You can also find local CSAs and other local organic sources here:

  • Nick, wonder if I can get a local home grown tomato this weekend? or perhaps some lettuce?, fresh snap beans? You know and everyone else knows that the stuff at these markets is not grown local or anywhere close to Charlottesville. I can get equal to or greater year round at the local giant produce aisle and always at a cheaper price. I repeat myself the local market is for the people who feel like they have to be politically correct and have little else to do on a saturday morning.

  • I want Fourth of July fireworks in February! Your precious Charlottesville doesn’t have that, does it?!

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