Real Estate Changes Afoot on the Corner

The owner of the Anderson Brothers Building on the Corner tells John Ruscher at C-Ville Weekly that he’s looking at new tenants for the building occupied by Plan 9, the Satellite Ballroom and Just Curry. The music store leases the entire building, and in turn leases space to the other businesses; their lease is up in a few months. CVS is looking at the location, though it sounds like they’re not the only ones with their eye on it.

10 thoughts on “Real Estate Changes Afoot on the Corner”

  1. while i don’t think a CVS on the corner would be a bad thing, i also don’t think it’ll ever happen, b/c there’s no decent parking. CVS downtown has a parking garage and two large lots right across water st., and they validate. they may think that UVA students will flock there in droves, but i’d imagine most students with cars will still opt for the barracks rd. location. likewise, foot traffic would drop to near zero in the summertime. of course, working where i do, i’d love to have a CVS within walking distance of my office. it’d sure beat the heck out of fighting 29 and/or 250 traffic in the afternoons.

  2. There used to be two pharmacies on the Corner, Rexall’s and Chancelor’s. With all of the vacant space along W. Main and the Mall, I would think that Plan 9 could find a new home in a day. Just Curry and Satellite may have a harder time paying the rent being newly established. I’m sure the City would be willing to run the trolley later to get the students further downtown.

  3. Nice to know someone else remembers the two pharmacies on the Corner. Chancellor’s was like Timberlake’s with a great soda fountain and sandwiches.
    You could buy almost anything at Lloyd’s Rexall. I bought a stereo there when I was an undergrad at Uva and they had a great selection of books and albums. No record shops on the Corner before the Band Box on Elliewood about ’68 or 9, but University Book Store and Mincers also sold records. And you had the choice of stereo or mono, mono being usually a couple dollars cheaper.
    Having CVS ,a chain, on the Corner would be no different than having Starbucks.
    I occasionally shop CVS for odds and ends, but for prescriptions its always Timberlake’s for me. They do accept insurance plans unlike some smaller pharmacies. Some years ago I tried to get a prescription filled at Medical Arts Pharmacy and wa stold they didnt participate in insurance plans. Well, they are gone, and Timberlake’s is still here.

  4. It was exciting to go downstairs to Lloyd’s paperback section. So many titles, so little time. I had forgotten the Band Box on Elliewood. Wasn’t it a precursor to Back Alley? Then, there was the world’s best book store in that first house going in on the right on Elliewood. If you said “I’m looking for a book about the introduction of Siamese cats in New Zealand” the gentleman would give you a couple of titles.

  5. If they replace Plan 9 with a CVS then I will have next to zero reason to ever go to the Corner again. Every now and then I go over to Plan 9 to look for CDs and while I’m there I will grab something to eat and maybe browse other stores. But if Plan 9 is gone then I’ve got nothing to draw me over there in the first place. The whole character of the Corner would change significantly. In a bad way.

  6. Right, the Band Box preceded back Alley Disc. And the Noonday Bookshop, and its unforgettable proprietor, Mr Grant Rasmussen. Nice that there’s still a bookstore in the space, the wonderful Heartwood Used Books.
    Very little remains from that era on the Corner. Mincers(no longer a pipe shop), the Virginian, White Spot, College Inn.
    And there was the University Cafeteria, my favorit eatery on the Corner(and that of many others). And who remember’s Poes-or what it was before Poe’s, a not very impressive diner called Jim’s Restaurant?
    And there was the University Theater, closest place to Grounds to see a movie then. And Howard Johnson’s, with its all-you-can-eat fried chicken and fish nights.A big feast for little cost.
    And Paul’s News, where the Corner Market is now, paperbacks, magazines,snack foods,etc. It and the Dixie News downtown were the places in town where you went for “adult”literature, such as it was at the time. The Dixie News got busted though in the early 70s-some of the stuff in their “back room” apparently offended “community standards of decency.” Don’t recall how the case turned out

  7. CVS has a history of opening stores in “prominent” locations, even though the presence of their stores immediately lowers the prominence of the area. Hopefully CVS will stay away from the Corner. It’s a shame when something unique is altered by lifeless chain store like CVS.

    That being said, I’m now off to Starbucks…

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