Craigslist Hookers

Mark Tenia at WCAV called up a Craigslist hooker, who offered him a “Greek” or a “French” for $150/hour. He called back and said he was a reporter, and she did a phone interview, saying the usual things prostitutes say when they’re interviewed. Tenia even called up the Albemarle Police, who said they they’d never even heard of Craigslist.

French? Greek? Am I so unhip I don’t even know the slang anymore?

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  1. Gotta say, Waldo, that is a great write-up you did. French / Greek / saying the usual things / never heard of Craigslist. :)

  2. Judging by the number of letters, I think I know what they are:
    “French is a **** *** Greek is ****”

  3. Yea, more hints on the Greek one please… Some of are unschooled in the ways of the oldest profession slang.

  4. “Greek” is an older sex term, popular for decades. It refers to the preferred sexual act of the presumably gay ancient Greeks – anal intercourse.

  5. I knew what Greek was, “French” was new to me. Can’t believe they asterisk’d it out if it was just “blow job”.

    But the PD (or at least the person answering the phone) not knowing about Craigslist? Hoo-boy, this’ll be a revelation for them.

  6. And you would think as liberal as this town is, we could get a strip club or Hooter’s. I can understand the conservatives raising hell, but our council is full DEMOCRATIC! Why don’t we have a stip club or at least a Hooters??

  7. I have often taken issue with our “liberal” City Council, but holding them responsible for C’ville not having a strip club is a little much. There is such a thing as a free market-maybe they don’t think Charlottesville is a particularly good one.
    We have a fairly vibrant and active feminist community here who would not be happy to see something that degrades and exploits women open up here.
    Years ago there was a short-lived restaurant on the UVa Corner called the Minories,downstairs from the Virginian. It came up with the “clever” idea of naming the sandwiches on the menu after Jack the Ripper’s victims.
    They got picketed by angry, local feminists,both men and women. We even had a group called Radical Feminist Union back then, mostly out of UVa.
    The restaurant did not last long. I am sure the bad publicity didnt’t help business any.
    Just as happy not to see sleazy, cheesy things like strip clubs and Hooters here.

  8. I was in Orlando last week at the International Builders Show, and the cops made a bust involving hookers advertising on Craigslist. The IBS is one of the biggest conventions in the world, with around 100,000 attendees, and apparently the local “talent” was advertising somewhat aggressively. I was shocked – SHOCKED! Hookers at a convention with 100,000 home builders? Who knew!

  9. That is the funniest story I have seen in ages. I like how “Alecia” accuses “your husbands” of being at fault. Priceless.

  10. If only you folks really knew… if only. Well, now you can. Wasn’t that long ago a local police chief attempted to make a name for himself with encreased prositution enforcement. This of course was after he had just gotten back from a Las Vegas trip where he and others had shacked up with a few prostitutes.

  11. It’s a cryin’ shame. You can’t even get a good “Wet T Shirt” contest going in this uptight college town. Save it up for Spring Break.

  12. A bit sad to have a topic where C-ville Eye hasn’t thrown himself in as some sort of expert on everything. Maybe this hits too close to home for him. Glad to see that Demopublican can get a few licks in on the local police, though. Very slight pun intended.

  13. If Repubs were in control, there would be a Hooters right next to the “Big Box” store and the police would know “where the girls were” and keep them in a specific area, away from schools and let them do their thing….

  14. I would love to have a Hooters in Chville. Great wings and cold beer!! Great place and much more than just T&A….although they are nice also.

  15. Cynic, I was busy asking the School Board to give you another well-deserved raise since the staff is asking for more money for the classroom needs. What? Did I hear you say that salaries represents the biggest line-item increase AGAIN? I thought you said that you were more interested in instructional materials. I must have misunderstood.
    I suspect that there is so much casual sexual activity in Charlottesville that the food and drink would have to be outstanding for a strip club to have many customers.

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