2 thoughts on “Appliance Store Shutting Down”

  1. Yes, I am Ron Martin, and live in Hawaii; not heaven. I am wondering about plans (if any) for the ronmartin.com web address.
    I talked with Ron about this in 2001 and he intended to keep it. My business; Success Dynamics, is doing well, as am I, and although http://www.ronmartin.net works very well, I might like to have them both.

  2. Sounds reasonable. You should approach them again and make them an offer for the domain. If you wait you will lose it. Or at least, have to pay someone else for it. That’s because there is a new trend these days that the second a web domain falls dormant, there are companies that snatch them up instantly (since there is notice of domains doing this from the domain name companies). They do this only because the figure most people accidently let them lapse and will pay money to get them back. Pretty horrible business model if you ask me, but there it is.

    I’d recommend as part of the offer you’ll take over the domain now, but leave their web site up, or something of their choosing until they’re officially out of business. Some simple contract could be put together for that, and they could get some money now. Just a thought.

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