4 thoughts on “Obama Calls Betty Van Yahres”

  1. In other interesting news, yesterday Obama voted FOR the legislation that’ll let the telcom companies off the hook for illegally spying on you.

    Hillary didn’t vote at all.

  2. Paranoid Person, I believe that you have misread the report. Senator Obama voted in favor of legislation that would have allowed telecoms to be SUED, a critical step to . Sadly on 30 other democrats voted for the bill and it lost. This allows the immunity given by the administration to stand. Hillary did not vote and a number of democrats joined the republicans in allowing the immunity to stand.

    I am equally impressed that he took the time to make this phone call which has only been picked up by local media (and after Virginia voted) and seems to show his decency.

  3. I don’t think the families know one another personally; the Daily Progress story said that Obama read the obit for Mitch, in particular the part about making donations to Obama’s campaign, and called on that basis. It must have really brightened Betty’s day for a bit; I think it’s a very sweet thing to have done.

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