3 thoughts on “Downtown Mall Proposals”

  1. Whee! Let’s spend millions and millions of dollars for something that nobody really wants and that everyone will decry as a big pain in the butt to deal with.

    Classic Charlottesville.

  2. A four-year development project is certain to affect downtown. I can see a drying up of the vendors and some of the outdoor cafes. The eight-month 3rd Street NE is certainly putting a hurting on those businesses and they won’t be helped by the re-bricking project either. To tell the truth, I’m surprised that the project isn’t much more aggressive in design changes. I guess the City didn’t take my bite when I suggested that they sponsor another design contest like the one last Fall for the flat parking lot on Water Street. Considering the amount of money they’re spending, they probably should have.

  3. The drawings of the alternatives are almost illegible. When you can see the whole mall, all the detail is fuzzed out so I can’t read it. It doesn’t get sharp until you zoom in to only see half of a side street, and nothing else. A simple GIF, JPEG, or PDF instead of Flash would make this so much more usable.

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