4 thoughts on “Golfing in Gordonsville?”

  1. I think they made a mistake. How can it be a public course when they’re selling memberships for $6000.00 down and $200.00 per month (individuals rate)? Their website makes it look like they are trying to be another Glenmore or Farmington.

  2. Wow. Maybe “public” has some different meaning w/r/t golf courses? Maybe it means that anybody who can cough up $2,400/year can play — no membership application required?

  3. It’s public in that they don’t require a membership to play. Members get priority, but non-members can pay to play.

  4. Yep. You can pay for a membership at Meadowcreek and Old Trail and those are both public courses. Public just means it’s open to the public to play, it does not exclude paying a yearly rate. Who knows what their long term plan is as some courses open this way and go private once they have a strong “membership” and reputation. You also have semi-private courses like Greene Hills where it’s members only on the weekends, but open to public play during the week.

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