5 thoughts on “Milan Stealing Tips”

  1. Well, damn. I’ve heard Maharajah is guilty of similar things. Can anyone confirm or disconfirm?

  2. I love Indian food, and I patronize both Milan and Majarajah. If these allegations are true, then that’s disgusting behavior.

  3. Allegations from a former employee who worked there for two years.

    I always wonder why these kinds of people wait until AFTER they leave to file suit. Wouldn’t it legitimize your claim a bit to file suit while you’re employed? That way, nobody could say you’re just doing it because you might have a grudge with your former employer.

  4. I don’t know, if the job is his only source of income a person might be fearful of getting fired and would wait until safely employed elsewhere before making allegations. I could see myself in this situation, quietly seething for two years until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

  5. Perhaps he quit when he discovered that they weren’t supposed to keep the tips? He’s an immigrant, maybe he was just ignorant of the way things like that work around here.

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