Violent Crime Drops Sharply

Assembling data for the Uniform Crime Reports, the city has found that there was a 12% drop in crime rates between 2006 and 2007, Rob Seal writes in the Daily Progress. There was an 18% drop in violent crime, an 11% drop in property crimes, a 30% drop in aggravated assaults, and a 15% drop in burglaries. It remains to be seen whether this correlates with a nationwide drop or whether this is the result of the city’s own efforts. For comparison, Albemarle had a 2.3% crime decrease, and crimes against individuals actually increased.

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  1. 30% drop in aggrvated assaults? I seriously doubt it. Sounds like crime statistics weren’t reported accurately. There are cities where a police chief’s continued employment rely on crime rate drops each year. I wonder if Charlottesville has such a contract with their police chief?

  2. I’m sure this type of report is very comforting to the latest victim of a violent crime. Who the hell do these people who prepare these reports think believes this bunk? There are parts of charlottesville where is not really safe to walk during the day and certaintly not late at night.

  3. I’m sure this type of report is very comforting to the latest victim of a violent crime.

    I don’t know what that means. Are you saying that the city shouldn’t acknowledge the reduction in violent crime because it would be offensive to victims of violent crime? Or that no reduction in violent crime is meaningful or useful unless it’s a total elimination of violent crime?

    If there’s any reason to doubt these numbers, I haven’t seen it. Simply declaring these numbers to be “bunk” or that you “seriously doubt it” does not constitute a rebuttal.

  4. The reason for this ( big drop in the City, not so much in the County) is simple. There are less people who are in their high crime periods of life living in the City; they have all been forced to move to the County: See Commonwealth Drive, Lams Road etc.

    Who commits most of the crime that is reported in the UCR’s? Males ages 18-26 who are largely poor, under privileged and social marginalized. You could say minority but that really would not do justice to the whole population who are committing the UCR crimes.

    What has happed in Charlottesville City between 2005 and now? The housing prices and rental properties have simply priced out the people mentioned in the previous paragraph, forcing them to move out into the urban ring, rather than in the 10 square miles that make up Charlottesville.

    For proof of this you need to look no further than the dockets of the local Circuit Courts. Criminal Felony Cases appear to be slightly down in the City but really going up in the County. Why is this? Simple, people who commit these crimes have moved.

  5. Perhaps people are afraid to come into the city and commit crimes? They know they can do their dirty deed and get away from the scene of the crime easily enough. It’s getting run over by police cars in crosswalks a few minutes that has them worried as they make their escape?

  6. CVille Eye, sometimes, yes! The recent murder was indeed committed by criminals in their own neighborhood. They lived 2 or 3 blocks from where the girl was killed. It would be interesting to see the larger picture, a map comparing where crimes are committed and the place of residence of the crimnals committing the crimes.

  7. Demopublican, you know that one example does not produce a trend. It is interesting that years ago, the City and County had a conversation on how to apportion the costs to each locality for the renovation of a local court house. It was suggested that the address of the defendant would be the determining factor. The Commonwealth Attorneys of both localities admitted that it was often difficult to know the address. so, they are forced to go by the the locality where the crime occurred. The same standard is used to determine local contributions to the jail authority. It seems to me that a significant number of people who appear on TV have out of town or out of state addresses, especially the shooters. I’m always amused when I read the crime and traffic reports in the D.P. and note that that person can have up to four addresses listed.

  8. So, criminals mainly commit crimes in their neighborhoods?

    Yes, no one ever accused them of being smart, plus it is somewhat about gang turf. Lots of Blue off of Commonwealth, check it out for yourself

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