2 thoughts on “Toscano Introduces Crosswalk Bill”

  1. A few thoughts:

    1. Whether the word “walk” or a little green person walking, the bigger issue is how much time a pedestrian has to cross safely. I’ve seen timers counting down 25 or 30 seconds in other cities. That make sense to me. Otherwise, its easy to get caught in the middle with traffic coming at you.

    2. The law says that pedestrians have right of way, then it says pedestrians can’t be in the crosswalk against the signal, which goes back to my first thought… I know that Boston area streets have a system to make all on the same page. There is a signal on the traffic light that warns drivers that a pedestrian has pushed the crossing button. Both green and yellow blink.

    I’d like to see some research done with other cities that have addressed pedestrian safety.

    I’d also like to see the general assembly address the need for accountability for dumb old accidents made by police officers.

  2. The Boston system sounds good. I absolutely agree that what’s important is the amount of time pedestrians are given to cross safely. I am a fast walker, and I’m hard pressed to get all the way across any intersection in C’ville before the “Don’t Walk” starts flashing at me. And you have to be ready to cross at the minute the light changes. Don’t even think about trying to safely cross an intersection if you’re approaching from even a little way down the street. You won’t have time.

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