C-Ville Reporters on Reporting

The current — soon to be last week’s — C-Ville Weekly has a really great feature in which reporters write about their highlight of the past year. Cathy Harding defends C-Ville‘s atrocious “Rant” page, Tobias Beard writes about Barack Obama and inspiration, Jayson Whitehead explains how he ended up on Ken Boyd’s shit list, Erika Howsare rightly frets about greenwashing, Will Goldsmith shines a light on Albemarle’s tendency to cave in to even the tiniest amount of public input, Scott Weaver discovers that a goofy costume goes a long way before city council, Brendan Fitzgerald is totally excited about The Bridge, Doug Nordfors thinks VQR is teh awesome, and John Ruscher chronicles life as a music reviewer. It’s revealing, personal writing, allowing us to learn more about reporters than we’d normally get to.

Disclaimer: I work for VQR and I’m on the board of The Bridge. But I knew I was going to have to write about this article before I even flipped to the page that mentioned either of those.

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