Womenfolk Reminisce

Jeremy Borden had a nice article in Saturday’s Progress about The Womenfolk, an early 60s all-female band that were big in the U.S. and in Europe for about three years before fading out. Four members of the band (two of whom I know, but hadn’t the faintest clue about their prior fame) got together recently and recorded an oral history of the band at Live Arts. One of their hits was their cover of Malvina Reynolds’ “Little Boxes” — Womenfolk’s version remains the shortest-ever song on the Billboard charts, at 1:03. It sounds like they had a heck of a ride, and had the rare wisdom to give up performing when it stopped being fun.

One thought on “Womenfolk Reminisce”

  1. Check out to the link to my blog tribute to the Womenfolk if you want to see the impetus for their reunion after 41 years. I have loved the Womenfolk since I was a college freshman about 20 years ago. It is really fabulous to see them get together to get their history on tape.

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