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Council Likely to Retain Bus Fare

After evaluating running the city bus service without charging fares, city council is likely to keep fares for the immediate future, Seth Rosen writes in the Progress. Financial reality means that council has to pick their priorities, and they’ve got an eye towards adding new routes and having buses come more often. Eliminating fares would eliminate $315k from CTS’ $5.25M annual budget, and likewise obligate them to provide $190k to JAUNT, who would be left unable to charge for rides in CTS’ service area. All of this is leading up to a hoped collaborative transit venture with Albemarle County, turning CTS into CATS.

MPO Approves 29 N. Expansion

29 N. is being widened, again. Traffic backs up pretty terribly along the section north of Wal-Mart for hours each day, often stretching clear to Ruckersville. So another lane is being added between Polo Grounds and Airport Road, which will surely be finished just in time to get terribly backed up again, what with the new developments approved for just north of there on 29. It seems like it was just yesterday that we dealt with years of beastly traffic while 29 was expanded to its current size. NBC 29 has thoughtfully provided a Google map of the section of the highway:

The addition was approved by the Metropolitan Planning Organization last week, and will be paid for with $2M in federal funds. Suckers for punishment can listen to the audio of the meeting, courtesy of Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Charges Dropped Against Gerry Mitchell

The city is dropping their citation of Gerry Mitchell for jaywalking, WINA reports. Commonwealth’s attorney Dave Chapman found a technicality on which he could drop the charges: §46.2-925 specifies “pedestrian control signals exhibiting the words ‘Walk’ or ‘Don’t Walk’,” and thus Mitchell’s crossing was legal, since the intersection only exhibits walk and don’t walk icons. The ill-advised ticketing came after Mitchell was hurled from his wheelchair when a police car collided with him.

Four Kids Arrested for Random Assault

Four juveniles have been arrested for a Tuesday night beating of a man on West Main, the Progress reports. Along with three others, they mobbed a couple walking down the street, clotheslined the guy, and beat him. An officer tracked down the kids down on Wertland, and the victim was able to ID them. There was no robbery — just a random attack. This sounds a lot like the series of random assaults there this summer, which stopped after a pair of teenagers were arrested in July.

Council Approves Ambulance Service

City council has voted to establish a paid 24-hour ambulance service, Seth Rosen writes in the Progress, planning to spend $1M to hire a half dozen medics and buy a pair of ambulances. This came after a committee established by Mayor David Brown recommended a half-time service, although the representatives from the county fire department and the rescue squad voted against it. Council’s decision is going to be controversial, especially because the all-volunteer, donation-funded Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad is such a beloved community institution. The city doesn’t pay a dime towards the operation of CARS, leaving CARS and its supporters wondering why the city doesn’t just chip in to support it, rather than launch a competing service. The new service should start next year. The vote was 4-1, with Kevin Lynch opposing.



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