5 thoughts on “Scottie Griffin Turned Up in My E-Mail”

  1. haha. so now when people google her name, in addition to finding these article about her bad reputation, they’re going to find articles about how she tried to have her bad reputation deleted from the interwebs. ewpsie.

  2. Waldo I heard that ReputationDefender is run by the spawn of Satan or Santa, I’m really unsure of the details. Also I read that they like to bully blogs in order to rewrite history much like Stalin and the soviets did by doctoring official pictures of the leaders who were sanitized from history. Of course my memory isn’t what it use to be.

    And I read some where (don’t hold me to it) that Scottie Griffin was the head of the Charlottesville Schools and that she got fired for not doing a good job and obscuring her tawdry history of bad management and a combative manner. But I certainly could be wrong. Perhaps I should google Scottie Griffin again. What terms should I use: Scottie Griffin, the hook, fired, combative? Any suggestions? ;-)

  3. Example #487384 of how people don’t get the concept of how the internet works.

    Dilution, my friend, is the best approach. Edit Wikipedia under your real name. Blog. Comment on many different sites (with your real name.) Soon, it will be very hard for a searcher to find the dirt unless they know exactly what they are looking for.

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