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  1. And what a fascinating first blog entry it is, truly. The Society is asking for feedback about what to do re: the Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea statue.

    “The City has charged the Hist Resources Cmte. with coming up with some sort of plaque or panel or sign or kiosk or something to “contextualize” the nearly 100 year old statue in a way that would address modern political/gender/ethnic sensibilities, and yet do so in a way that would not dishonor the civic ancestors who commissioned and erected it, nor insult those local folks who view the statue with fondness and nostalgia, even patriotism. How do you, dear reader, suggest we go about that?”

    I’m going to ponder this question, for real. It’s a great question! Looking forward to hearing what other folks have to say about it.

  2. My intent is not to be rude concerning “It`s a great question” but don`t we have a sufficient number of Tempests in our local teapot?

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