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$24M in Capital Projects Proposed

The city staff’s budget includes $24M for capital projects, Seth Rosen writes in the Progress, including the cost of the new pools, a Fontaine fire station, and the Downtown Mall structural overhaul, among other things. That’s a 12.6% increase over last year’s spending on capital improvements, part of an overall proposed 5% increase in the budget.

Police Brutality Accusers Acquitted

The couple roughed up by a police officer on Water St. have been acquitted, Lindsay Barnes reports for The Hook. One was charged with public drunkenness, the other obstruction of justice. The allegation of police brutality surfaced six weeks ago. Judge Robert Downer ruled in favor of both of them, but also held that the officer was “entirely justified in reacting immediately to prevent any interference.”

BoS Wants Impact Fees

Albemarle supervisors have asked our legislators to let them assess developers with proper impact fees, Bob Gibson and Jeremy Borden write in today’s Daily Progress. Right now the county has a tough time getting developers to pay for the enormous cost of upgrading public infrastructure to support new developments, which is why we lose money on every new resident. Though similar legislation passed the General Assembly last year, but it’s not all it was promoted as, and so no localities in the state have bothered with it. The next General Assembly session starts in January.

Council Nixes Tax Rebate Idea

Seth Rosen writes in the Progress that two councilors’ plans for a tax rebate were shot down by Council last night. Dave Norris and Julian Taliaferro proposes giving back the $1M excess in property taxes to all 14k property owners, or ~$75/person. City staff explained what would go into the process, including getting the social security number for every property owner and finding what’s become of those who sold their homes during the year and giving them pro-rated checks. Norris agreed that it seemed like more trouble than it’s worth, and figures it’s best to put the money into the city’s tax relief program for low-income residents.

Council also turned down a school request for $1.58M for new technology and instructed staff to make next year’s budget no more than 5% larger than the current budget.

City to Replace Smith Pool

City Council approved a plan to replace Smith Pool last night, Seth Rosen writes in the Progress. They’ll shut down Crow Pool and rebuild an expanded Smith, in hopes of compensation for the loss of Crow. The renovation will cost $10M.



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