5 thoughts on “Big, Late Contributions to BoS Candidates”

  1. I see no reason to publicise these donations. These large donations certainly can`t provide favorable access to public officials and definitely do not influence decisions in the donee`s favor.

  2. I am going to assume that Van is joking. Other readers of this site may not get the humor in his post.

    If you want to see a clear cut case of money talking in Richmond, just ask some of the local wineries about what they went through over the self-distribution laws. It all came down to who has and who was throwing the most money at the legislators. That would be the distributors. What a suprise.

    Thanks to sites like Richmond Sunlight and Charlottesville Tomorrow, maybe some non-believers will start crunching some data and wake up to the reality of Virginia politics.

  3. Well I happen to know the Frieds, and they are mega-developers. That huge cleared area up 29 North just before you get to 33 was theirs. Yup, the one where they just pushed all the trees together and burned them in a rather apacalyptic scene… Admittedly I don’t know them very well, but enough to know that their support of Wyant is undoubtably because his policies on growth and development.

    The odd thing that I’ve never understood about them is that when it comes to their own property they are big advocates of wetland restoration, and planting wildflowers and such. Somehow their personal land ethic just doesn’t translate to their business practice. I keep hoping someday they’ll connect the dots and decide to do business differently too.

  4. Interestingly enough if you click through to the link on the Richmond based Monticello Business Alliance you will see that they also have given money to David Toscano. Not eye brow raising, but what is eye brow raising is the $15,500 they gave the Albemarle Republican Committee!

    A lot of people have reported the Rs ran a poll a couple of weeks ago, polls are very expensive, and it was wondered how they payed for it . . . well her is our answer!

    Now the problem is I know folks who said they were polled, they asked who was paying for it and they were told that Camblos, Harding and Dawson were paying for it.

    I also know folks who looked at Harding’s most recent filing and there is nothing of the like on it . . . except that this same Richmond based Monticello Business Alliance gave him $1,000, too!

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