2 thoughts on “Double H Arrest in Post

  1. It’s clear that agribusiness is running scared. If these itty-bitty little farms can collectively pose a threat to them, it’s clear that many people are getting wise to the practices of big business and don’t want to buy into that.

    It’s a shame that government entities are willing to listen to the interests of the big businesses over those of family farms, especially in a country where we supposedly believe in a free market economy. Sure, Double H farm was using some outdated stickers, but that doesn’t change the fact that their meat was reasonably priced, and still is healthier and better tasting than the conventional variety.

    I’m glad this is getting national attention. Hopefully Creigh’s bill will get some traction, but given Double H’s lack of a massive lobbying firm, I’m not optimistic.

  2. I have nothing but sympathy for these farmers, but isn’t their explanation for the crackdown markedly different than orginially claimed–something about how the new labels just hadn’t come in yet?

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