Corey Harris Wins Genius Grant

Corey Harris has won a MacArthur Foundation fellowship — a “genius grant”! The 38-year-old blues musician is a genuine success story in the realm of Charlottesville music, and he’s been making waves in the world of blues for well over a decade now. He’ll receive $100,000 annually for the next five years, with which he can do absolutely anything he wants. I’m thrilled for him.

8:30am Update: Jane Dunlap Norris has the story for the Progress.

13 thoughts on “Corey Harris Wins Genius Grant”

  1. I realize this is a Charlottesville blog, but let me plug the other Virginian who won a genius grant, Virginia Tech engineering professor Mark Edwards. Edwards spent tens of thousands of his own money on research on the high levels of lead in D.C.’s drinking water, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. His work ultimately persuaded D.C.’s water authority to replace the district’s water pipes.

  2. Way cool!!! So… do we have to wait until the Hook digs up who nominated him?! Or can someone else tell us?

  3. That’s a long way from playing for tips on the downtown mall. Congrats Corey for keeping the blues alive.

  4. It could not have happened to a nicer guy. We booked Corey and the 5×5 for the Dogwood Blues Festival in 2001 and they just about stole the show from John Mayall. Corey is a kind soul and a true gentleman and I’m sure Dave isn’t bummed!

  5. FDR, I think the MacArthur Foundation keeps an insanely tight lid on who they get their nominations from. I’d be surprised if even The Hook could crack that nut!

    Did you all know that Harris is on the faculty of the start-up private boys-only middle school, the Field School? Nice scoop for them to have a MacArthur grantee on faculty.

  6. Regarding the Field School you correct, Cecil! Mr. Harris happens to be my son’s music teacher. I was so excited to hear the news and it was cool that I heard it not from the Field School, but on NPR on my way home from work. That made it all the more special.

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