2 thoughts on “When Ron Paul Supporters Attack”

  1. Ron Paul is a man with no friends.

    On one hand, he ticks off conservatives because he’s against the Iraq war. Not for the same reasons as Democrats (unconditional surrender) but for traditional Republican isolationist principles, and the fact the he feels the standard for going to war should be higher.

    On the other hand, he ticks off liberals because as a Libertarian he thinks that people should actually have to earn a living and take care of themselves. He’s against “nanny state” rules, entitlements, and hand-outs in general. He’s a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment which of course the Obama and Clinton folks cannot stand.

    So, Ron Paul stands alone as the ONLY candidate from ANY party who has actually read the Constitution from start to finish. And unfortunately, neither party believes in the document much at all these days – each choosing to throw away various portions for their own benefit.

    Think about it – when is the last time a President has REALLY made a difference? Done something different – like obey the Constitution?

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