5 thoughts on “No Dumping in the Pool”

  1. You are correct that this was not a Baby Ruth. It was a Snickers Bar, and a definite act of gang-related pool terrorism. Crips favor the Snickers Bar (with the “b” written like a “6”) while the Bloods tend to only deploy Baby Ruths. This is a dangerous placeā€¦

  2. Sadly, unless a well-connected businessperson’s investment is at some real or imagined risk, I don’t think cameras will be called for.

  3. A better question about the camera is whether anyone would really want to see the afore mentioned act of “vandelism” being, uh, “committed”.

  4. Lonnie, lots of people seem to like to tune in to watch C’ville City Council meetings on tv. Now, someone who likes to watch 5 people shitting in public might find just one a little boring, but who knows?

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