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  1. Not sure how much faith I’d put in an application that identifies the zip code 24477 as Columbus, OH and not Stuarts Draft, VA. After typing in the city, my neighborhood got huge 6/100.

    Not that I expected much more given that our neighborhood sits right next to a half dozen cow farms and a wetlands area.

    I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t trade it for the 90 /100 of Downtown C’ville though. I like hearing the cows moo in the morning. :)

  2. I agree , Fred. I was surprised to find my Albemarle home is a mere .17 miles from Myrtle Beach.

  3. From the website…

    Walk Score Crawls to a Halt…

    We’ve reached our Google Maps API limit and are in touch with Google to get the site back up.
    Bookmark this page and try visiting us tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Too bad, I was very curious about this.

  4. Well, Frienship Court gets a 94 out of 100. I believe that about sums up the reliability of this site.

  5. I can’t see how. Friendship Court is located where it is in substantial part because it’s easy to walk to a wide variety of services. That score makes perfect sense.

  6. Our house near Walker School scored 40/100. But based on the fact that I would not want to go to some of the places they used to walk to, I would score our nieghborhood higher.

  7. Hey Waldo, I will meet you on Garrett Street tonight, say 10ish for a walk around. If I am late just wait, I will be there. Don’t mind the guys in the White Tee Shirts with G-Square Tattoos, they are harmless.

    My point is that they are not considering safety when calculating the scores but some how I think you knew that.

  8. iknowcville, your point is something everyone, including you, already knew before you went to the effort of making it. obviously, the site isn’t rating whether or not an area is safe for outsiders to that area to drop in and take a stroll through…if that were its mission, I can think of some working-class white neighborhoods in large urban areas that a lone black guy would find highly unwalkable.

    but your judgment of the site’s reliability reflects your agenda, not its actual purpose.

  9. I was not aware of any agenda of mine, just pointing out current events. Plus, there is no rain tonight, where are you getting your information?

  10. The walk score does not take into consideration the number of cracks in the sidewalk between my house and the Jade Garden Restaurant. The chances of me breaking my mother’s back should seriously be incorporated into this rating, otherwise, it is total crap!

  11. It’s a nifty little utility. If it could somehow incorporate topographical data, it would be ultra-cool. Hills do factor into a lot of folks’ walkability views.

    My house on Baker St garners a 44/100, but the distances seem to be as-the-crow-flies. I may live just .68 miles from the Starbucks on the Corner, but without a pedestrian RR crossing between Shamrock and whatever they’re calling 9th St SW, the actual walking distance is double that.

    With that said, I’ll go toss the urchin in the sling and trek downtown. It’s a gorgeous day with lower humidity–must take advantage.

  12. 0! but I knew that…I’m totally car-dependent out here. some people do bike, but i’m not brave enough to bike up and down Route 20.

  13. Mine was 36 – and I live in the JPA area in an incredibly walkable area. I guess the program can’t see a cut-through trail that makes it fairly fast to get to the corner of JPA and Fontaine. But, we live within walking distance to stores, restaurants and a very good playground at Johnson Elementary School.

  14. Hey IKnowCville – no you don’t. If you feel unsafe walking near Friendship Court, you’re a paranoid fool. Let’s be real. Look at the crime stats. Charlottesville ain’t nowhere near being the world’s crime capital. Maybe the world’s spider cricket capital. Just because poor black folk live there doesn’t mean you need to be all skeered. You’re 10 times more likely to die getting in a car accident on your daily commute from Hollymead.

    Why do people have this intense NEED to fantasize a “rough neighborhood” into their tony little towns?

    Guilt perhaps? It’s an old story. The elites feel guilty because deep down they know what they’ve done. They know that they can’t afford their manors on University Circle unless the food service employees at O-Hill get paid minimum wage.

    If they got paid $15/hour, there’d be less for me! The money has to come from somewhere. I certainly ain’t sharing it. If Miss Hairnet Job wants to make mad loot, let her suffer through 7 years of grad school like I did. I deserve this 80K a year. She can make do. Her people always have.

  15. My home in Barterbrook received a 38. But I don’t think the machine knows that I could only cross Emmett St at my peril. Ditto for Hydraulic Road. When I asked, at a neighborhood meeting, if a crosswalk would be put in on Hydraulic for Albemarle Square (which will be two blocks from my house) I was told it would not, but I would be crazy to try to cross Hydraulic. So much for our county government and sustainability. Better for police cars to kill pedestriana, as happened a few weeks ago, than that the county should put in a crosswalk anywhere.

  16. It gave Locust Grove a 23, and doesn’t seem to know that you cannot walk across a river.. also, says that Barracks road shopping Ctr, is .38 miles away. Hmm. More like 2.5, I think.

  17. Sorry Grape, I was only speaking from my personal experience. I was walking from my home in Belmont to the downtown mall and walking on Garrett Street at 9:00 when I was told in no uncertain terms to get out of their neighborhood, then I was pelted with whatever they could find from behind the fence and chased. Is this how you treat all victims of Crime? Just curious.

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