Rev. Billy’s C’ville Tie

I just had a great “holy shit” moment while reading an L.A. Times profile of satirical activist Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shoppinghe’s married to C’ville alumna Savi Durkee. Billy is in the spotlight for being arrested in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago for the self-parodying crime of reciting the First Amendment in public.  #

2 Responses to “Rev. Billy’s C’ville Tie”

  • Oh – I thought you were referring to the REAL Rev. Billy.

  • Big Al’s got the right reference for Rev. Billy Wirtz, who has his own Hook City connection (he played the Mine Shaft, among other places).

    As for the h-s moment: Yes, Savi shows up in some of the videos at the Stop Shopping Network (see the one about visiting the US Capitol). She appears to be responsible for the Stop Shopping Monitor (the blogalujah–teehee) and she’s listed as Director of the Church of Stop Shopping and Webmistress (see the about). (Savi, the site sure comes in slowly…seems to be more than just a case of large image files?)

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