4 thoughts on “Independence Day Celebrations”

  1. There seemed to be a lot going on in Cville this year, and I missed all of it! The fireworks here in Richmond were rather boring, unless you count the random drunk people that recognized me as a security guard from a convention last month…

  2. well, his comments were interrupted several times by applause and he got a standing ovation which doesn’t often happen. His connection to the event is as a first generation American. If you can find a transcript you’d change your tune I think.

    And you should have checked-out his full wiki entry:

    Personal life
    An active humanitarian, Waterston donates considerable time to organizations such as Refugees International, Meals on Wheels, The United Way, and The Episcopal Actors’ Guild of America. Waterston, a practicing Episcopalian,[4] narrated the 1999 biographical documentary of Episcopal civil rights martyr Jonathan Myrick Daniels, Here Am I, Send Me.

    A political independent, he is a spokesman for the Unity08 movement, which seeks to run a non or bi-partisan presidential ticket in the 2008 U.S Presidential Election.[5]

  3. From what I saw, bicycling home across town at midnight, and from what I heard: Charlottesville and Crozet were both awash with illegal rockets, firecrackers, and other ‘real’ fireworks on the night of the 4th. I had my own share for certain, though I was timid about firing rockets in residential neighborhoods. On and around Main street, there was no such timidity.

    I’ve had my own dust-ups with the police as a teen about firecrackers and I certainly don’t advocate prohibition (though I’m a bit worried about California this year.) But given VA’s and NC’s laws, where are all these rockets coming from? Or: Is prohibition on the way out?


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