Gibson on Local TV

Bob Gibson on local TV reporting: “a few young television reporters…can create a false perception of a dangerous downtown crime wave by over-hyping a handful of robberies and gang-style beatings that occurred mostly a few blocks on the south side of downtown.”  #

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  • I think NBC 29 needs to get a grip and stop scaring everyone to death!

  • It definitely causes one to notice those sporting the red bandana somewhere in their attire and the otherwise cliche’d gansta chic.

  • 29 didn’t scare me to death. My friend getting sent to the hospital scared me. I won’t go to the south side of the mall after dark now, and I’ve been working downtown for 11 years. I think there is a problem that needs some attention.

  • “the city has a few young television reporters who can create a false perception… Charlottesville thankfully lacks a huge city crime rate.”

    Might it be the youngsters are reporting reality from their downtown studios? Daily Progress is far from downtown. A good journalist doesn’t rely on what police officials say. Crime rate versus actual crime. I’m glad CBS-19 has its priorities. It’s no surprise the ossified Daily Progress and NBC-29 dislike competition. It’s hard work.

  • Amen Cvillenative! CBS 19 has really brought a breath of fresh air to this town. CBS 19 gives me the facts, while NBC 29 give me breathless cliches and misinformation!

  • I think Bob is mostly right. That said, my friend was violently assaulted on the Belmont Bridge on Friday, July 6, at about 10 p.m. in a random and unprovoked incident. Just a group of thugs who thought it would be fun to hit him as hard as they could in the face.
    So there are some dangerous elements out there.

  • I’m skeptical of the view that these acts of violence are the results of kids not having enough to do. (I guess I just don’t see the link between boredom and punching a stranger in the face.) Do we have a gang problem in Charlottesville? If so, are the national gangs here recruiting, or is our gang problem home-grown? I wish the press, and public officials, would get a handle on this story.

  • Charlottesville has a gang problem, which city police have acknowledged. How it may be growing — and how it can be curbed — are issues that deserve attention and discussion. The consensus among police is that it’s a growing problem.

  • on a totally different topic….

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    f.w.i.w. n.m.

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