5 thoughts on “Fuel Shuts Down”

  1. well, when they were charging 3.15 for gas last week when other stations nearby were all in the low 2.80s, i was kind of wondering what the deal with that was.

    apparently everyone else was too, as i never saw anyone filling up.

  2. I have a sense that they never really wanted to sell gas. That was just part of the “concept”. It was just supposed to be a pricey restaurant, with a gas station theme park as its decorating scheme. I heard reports that they often didn’t even have gas to sell. There would be signs posted saying that they were all out of gasoline.

    I ate there a few times and found the food to be delicious and the service both friendly and efficient. The problem seemed to be that they clearly sunk so much money into their renovations and build-out, that it would be near-impossible to turn a profit.

    And that’s the difference between Fuel and Belair Market. Belair Market knows how to sell gas – that’s their business. And they sell pretty good food, too.

  3. Yeh what’s her face Kluge needs to get over herself. I went there twice – nothing but a superficial blah.

  4. She can’t focus. She starts something, gets about half way done with it, then gets bored and moves on to her next whim. I’m betting her winery will be shut down w/in 5 years. the winds of change are always blowing w/that lady.

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