9 thoughts on “I Have an iPhone and it is Awesome”

  1. I would love to know how loud the iPhone ring tones are – with my lousy hearing, that is always a consideration for me. I wish some genius would engineer a flashing light, to signal a ring, into some model. A simple LED would do it.

  2. I just fired up the settings and set the ring to its loudest setting. I lack the words to describe it, so let’s just say it’s moderately loud. We have a phone here that’s an old one, with a bell in it, and that’s wake-the-dead loud. It’s not that loud. :) I can easily hear this ringing from anywhere in my one story, 920 square foot house. (While I have hearing loss, it doesn’t particular affect these frequencies, so we should probably think of my hearing as normal in this regard.) It is as loud as the ringer is on any mobile phone that I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a half dozen, which is to say that it’s normal, apparently.

    If you’re willing to simply keep it in your pocket, vibrate mode is always a great option. I very rarely have my ringer turned on, since vibrate is less annoying to others and impossible to miss.

    The idea of a flashing LED is a good one. That would be a really cheap add-on to phones that, to a generation of baby boomers, would probably be a pretty popular feature.

  3. Thanks Waldo – I lived in Texas for a time during a part of my misspent youth – “colleging” around, and part of my education was an unwanted familiarity with rattlesnakes.

    If I put my fone in my pocket, set on “vibrate”, and it went off, I`d go thru the roof in fear of the rattlesnake in my pocket. I`ll wait on the light I guess.

  4. I’m curious how an led will do you much good when the phone is in your pocket or some sort of case? Are you going to carry it around looking at it? Vibrate is the answer.

  5. I guess I couldn`t explain it to you. Put it down (in your book) as a dumb idea.

  6. It does. That’s one of the basic settings available in the Sounds Settings. Vibrate and ringtone are options that can be toggled independent of each other.

  7. That’s perfect! I usually only hear the ring or only feel the vibe. Can’t wait to get it!

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