One thought on “QUEST:le Mans”

  1. Sorry to see another one of Johnny St. Ours’ “achievements” in print again. If the people of Charlottesville knew what this “man” was really about, they would run him out of town tarred and feathered. Then again, maybe not. Anyone out there think it’s ok to cheat on your pregnant girlfriend, beat her head in while she’s nursing your child and then proceed to use your family connections and money to take her child away from her out of nothing but pure spite and malignant narcissism? How about lying about someone being a child molester? People have testified in court to witnessing his violence against women and the judge couldn’t have cared less. By the way that was in Juvenile and Domestic Relations court. Chilling, isn’t it? Will somebody please tell me how this lying, cheating, sociopathic pathetic excuse for a father gets so much support and work in this community?? Well, at least a higher power intervened by sending Annie Lee Jacobs to represent him. Now he’s got one of the most fired, most innefective, most expensive lawyer in town. Good luck even getting a phone call from that woman while you watch your daddy’s thousands go down the drain. I pray that Karma will help this wretched, petulant, petty, trifling, sanctimonious little boy see the light.

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