Loach Bows Out of BoS Race

Tom Loach will not be running for the Board of Supervisors, Brian Wheeler revealed on Coy Barefoot’s show yesterday. It was just five weeks ago that Loach announced his candidacy. Apparently he got enough signatures to get on the ballot, but was presumably concerned that he’d split the vote with Democratic candidate Ann Maleck, who announced back in January. The incumbent is Republican David Wyant, who is just finishing his first term.

5 thoughts on “Loach Bows Out of BoS Race”

  1. I wonder if everyone would think Loach was as wise if he had been a conservative and was hurting Wyant’s vote. I don’t know if he’s being noble, had his arm twisted, or reached an accomodation with Maleck. He seems to be outspoken on everything else, why now is he silent?
    This blog usally applauds people for getting into races not out of them. All the Albemarle district school board races are unopposed (Wood vs. Wheeler is at-large) and I think that is a shame.

  2. I wonder if everyone would think Loach was as wise if he had been a conservative and was hurting Wyant’s vote.

    Sure. I wouldn’t be as pleased if that were the case, but I would still concede that he was more concerned about policy than personal ambition and that he was wise enough to know that two candidates with similar positions on growth pretty much guarantees that the third candidate with the other view wins.

    It has nothing to do with nobility. I have no idea as to what went on behind the scenes, but I would fully expect that Tom Loach would have had conversations with Ann Maleck to determine just how comfortable he was with her positions. Presumably, he felt okay with it. If he publicly endorses Ann Maleck’s candidacy, we’ll know.

  3. Harry,

    I do hate to see any candidate unopposed. If you review my comments, you’ll find me just as vocal that Lindsey Dorrier, a democrat, needs to be opposed (and fortunately it appears that he will be). Likewise, I’d agree that it’s a shame that school board members are running with no opposition.

    I’d even like to see a viable Republican run for City Council. Why? Even though I lean Democrat, I’ll gladly acknowledge that no party functions well without someone there who’ll challenge them on important issues.

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