16 thoughts on “C’ville Mentioned on The Simpsons”

  1. Ummm…

    Maybe it’s just me, but I listened to it twice, and I really thought he said “Charlotte Drill Chew.”

    On third listen, it did sound more like “Charlottes ville” but he was pronouncing it with the “ch” being like “chew,” not like “charlotte.”

    Did anyone see it referenced in subtitles?

  2. I almost jumped out of my chair when I heard that. Not to rain on anyone’s parade and maybe I misheard it, but I think we’re associated with a topping / candy, not an ince cream flavor (they must have heard we’ve tumbled down to #17 before finalizing the script).

    Anyway, everything else Homer mentions is a fictional knock-off of something…Snickers, Gummy Bears, Good N Plenty, Kit Kat, something Hershey, Mr. Goodbar and Mild Duds.

    What the heck is Charlottesville Chew supposed to represent? Someone embiggen my knowledge – is this a cromulent produdct?

  3. I think my favorite so far was when we were featured on the X-Files. It was at a horse farm, and somehow that just seemed spot on. Of course Charlottesville has changed alot since then. We don’t have as many farms of any sort left around here anymore. Most of the horse farms in Western Albemarle have already been turned into subdivisions.

    I’ll be interested to see how Evan almighty depicts Crozet…

  4. I watched this episode during broadcast and completely missed this joke — I guess the hard “Ch” threw me off and/or I wasn’t paying attention.

    How about that “24″ episode though? That was even better.

    Sunday was the first time I sat down to watch new Simpsons in a long while… I’ll just say I didn’t think they were awful, which is more than I can say about this entire season of 24.

  5. “I’ll be interested to see how Evan almighty depicts Crozet…”

    Did they film some scenes there? I just checked out the trailer at evanalmighty.com., and there are plenty of blue mountains in the background. Between the Va. connection and the kid-friendly appeal, I might have see this in a theater.

  6. they’ve done this before. who can forget the TV shopping episode where homer marvelled over “all the big brands, like sorny and magnetbox”?

  7. Lonnie – The XF reference was definitely my favorite too! :) Sigh. Forget Jefferson–I’ll always be proud to be from the town where the Well-Manicured Man’s dirty mistress raised horses. XD

    It always tickles me when Cville gets a nod like this, because for all the stuff that’s here, it strikes me as bizarre how few people have ever heard of us.

  8. I must use this opportunity to point out that the Springfield Town Hall looks exactly like Monticello, to an extent to which I cannot believe that it’s coincidental.

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