UVa Employee Alleges Racism

In today’s Daily Progress, Aaron Kessler writes about a black UVa employee subjected to some pretty rude racist treatment at the hands of white supervisor. The woman, Deborah Tyler, makes clear that she doesn’t want anything but “to do my job in peace,” and so she’s puzzled that, in response to her complaint, the university tried to transfer her. That struck her as a punishment, and she didn’t understand why she’d be punished. UVa’s not commenting on the matter right now, other than to say that they’re continuing to broker a solution.

2 thoughts on “UVa Employee Alleges Racism”

  1. If indeed the supervisor really spoke to her like that (not suggesting they didn’t, I just wasn’t there myself) then the woman should have just punched the supervisor square in the nose.

  2. What negotiation is really needed? Ms. Tyler’s account implies that there were witnesses. If this is really what happened, then the supervisor should be packing.

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