School Board Incumbents Bow Out

Members of both the city and the county school boards, both elected, have announced that they won’t be seeking reelection.

In the city, three of the four incumbents up for reelection are bowing out, Matt Deegan writes in the Progress: Vice Chairwoman Peggy Van Yahres, Julie Gronlund and brand-new board member Louis Bograd. Alvin Edwards, also up for reelection, is running again. Notably, these folks were appointed to the school board by Council, the latter two most recently, so they’re not so much facing reelection as their first election.

In the county, school board chair Sue Friedman will be stepping down, as Deegan writes today. There are four seats up for reelection this November, though the other three members (Barbara Massie Mouly, Stephen Koleszar and Brian Wheeler) have all said that they’re seeking reelection.

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