9 thoughts on “Boortz Blames VT Victims”

  1. I’m sure many other people were thinking the same thing as Neal Boortz. He just happened to say it. I guess we are all supposed to be like Jack Bauer instead of shocked that someone would open fire in a classroom. It is very insensitive.

    I no longer listen to WINA but for a different reason. I got disgusted that the radio station still gives air time to people like David Kirby and others who still believe that vaccines cause autism.

  2. Maybe Boortz should read this article [CNN.com] before proclaiming the people who died were wusses.

    It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant some people can be.

  3. That is it – I am totally done with WINA. Just as I have been “done” with NBC since last week. Do these media groups really think they can do whatever they want and let people like Boortz spew his crap and their ratings are going to go up? I’m getting as far away as I can.

  4. Yeah, NBC29 completely lost me on Monday when they broadcast a news report from the Tech campus, in spite of the well-publicized requests released all weekend asking all media to leave on Sunday so the school could at least try to return to “normal,” whatever “normal” means a week after a massacre.

    NBC29 did not leave, and the reporter had the audacity to proclaim that the only “official” request to leave they knew of was a sign on a door asking the media not to enter, and he made a big deal about how NBC29 was respecting those wishes.

    That’s it – game over, NBC29. How sleazy. I’ll have to live with “The Office” from Richmond in standard definition.

  5. See how lucky I am – I missed that lovely piece since I don’t do NBC anymore. :)

    I am from Blacksburg and my parents still live there. They had many house guests last week – including two students. Guess why they had house guests? The press took over all the lodging in town so the families coming in had to contact the school and churches to find places to stay. A few news outlets contacted the pastor of our church (Luther Memorial) to see if they could come in and film Sunday’s service. He said “not a chance.”

    I hope I live to see the day when nobody pays attention to the mainstream media and they pack up and really go away for good.

  6. upon reading the article, it appears he made those comments based on a report that the gunman lined kids up and executed them one-by-one, which as far as i’ve heard didn’t happen. it was a calculated ambush. so not only were his comments idiotic, they were misinformed. this is just another example of how the media makes up stories as they go along, when no real facts have come out in an hour or two. i remember hearing all kinds of b.s. that day, from the execution-style lineups to reports that a passer-by grabbed his own private firearm, rushed the building and killed the gunman. any time you hear a “news” reporter say “if that’s what actually happened”, or “based on reports we’re hearing”, you know the next thing that comes out of their mouth is probably 100% horses**t.

    Big_Al…i saw the same report on 29 last night. you’re right, it was completely inappropriate. but 29 has gone down the can lately IMO anyway, so it didn’t surprise me. now they’re doing the lame “top news at 11…featured report at 11:05…weather at 11:07” BS. like i’m going to schedule my evening around a specific report. you know, if i miss the weather, i can look up TWC.com. ain’t a big deal.

  7. I can understand the national, and ultra-local media continuing to cover the story in Blacksburg. I mean, it’s one of the biggest stories ever, and it deserves/needs to be covered.
    But yea, for Charlottesville’s NBC29 (Is B-burg even in their coverage area?) to head down there for the umpteenth ‘How are they coping’ or ‘And this is where the tragedy unfolded’ story is pointless, and indeed, insensitive.

  8. IMO, if people want to see how the students are coping, go check out the myspace pages and blogs of the ones who want to talk about it. but get the gd cameras out of the faces of the ones who just want to get on w/ their lives.

  9. I am not of the YouTube generation but it seems to me that Boortz’ unwarranted attackon the victims of the VT attack should be out there getting LOTS of exposure so that advertisors are clear about what they are supporting. could someone more tuned to that aspect of the internet tell me if that is going on? And if not, Ihope someone will get it out there.

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