New Site: Charlottesville News Headlines

I slapped together a new website last night: Charlottesville News Headlines. It’s just an aggregator for the RSS feeds of local media outlets. The two most recent stories are featured at the top, with the ten most recent headlines below. Every media outlet is queried every thirty minutes, but the schedule is staggered, so new articles can appear at any time. Sports fans, rejoice — NBC-29 and CBS-19’s game coverage is included.

Of course, it only includes those media outlets that have extracted themselves from the mid-90s and actually have an RSS feed, or those for whom I’ve scraped together an RSS feed (WINA, Daily Progress, Cav. Daily, all of whom shocking remain without feeds of their own).

9 thoughts on “New Site: Charlottesville News Headlines”

  1. That will be interesting.

    I’d only suggest giving sports it’s own separate category. I’m not a fan. It’s a chore wading through the mix between non sports news and sports news.

    But that’s just my 2 cents.

  2. You’re the best, Waldo. It’s such a shame more people don’t get with the 21st century.

  3. Thank you — I’ve been tweaking my feeds for a few months now to do just this, and now I can simplify. I’m with TrvlnMan about the sports — I’d like the option of having a separate feed for that instead of filtering or weeding out what I don’t care about.

  4. If anybody else has an opinion on sports, I’d appreciate hearing about it. I certainly don’t care about how STAB did at last night lacrosse match, and I have a hunch that the people who do care found out when their daughter got home after the game.

  5. My hunch is sports will not be popular with the crowd most likely to be getting their news. I suspect this because many of my listeners/readers on have complained about the occasional sports podcast I have on the site.

  6. Personally I love local sports and like to see the headlines. However, an extra click to a category does not bother me. You all crack me up. Is it really a chore to wade through the sports news? or do think by letting everyone know you don’t like sports it might raise you’re perceived intellectual status?

  7. gman, looks like there are only ten slots. on the weekend, they were almost filled with sports stories.

  8. Yeah, that’s what I found frustrating — the front page consisted almost wholly of sports news, because that was what all of the most recent coverage was about.

  9. Is it really a chore to wade through the sports news?

    It really is a headache for me to wade through sporting news. I loathe it. I avoid cvilleblogs whenever the daily progress has a flood of sporting blog posts. In major markets high school sports barely rates a mention in the local news (and even then it’s only if an individual on the team accomplished something that would make a pro envious and made for a “wow” video clip). And if you cut out high school athletics, the sporting sections of all the local news outlets (print and broadcast) would be a lot thinner. In any event I just don’t care how someone’s kid did in the local Varsity or JV game of whatever the sport was. I don’t live in the world where the accomplishments of one’s children are the all important defining events of the day.

    As for college and pro sports- no I don’t much like them either.

    or do think by letting everyone know you don’t like sports it might raise you’re perceived intellectual status?

    I know plenty of smart people who like sports. I don’t think any less of them for it. I’m pseudonymous so for me it’s not about status.

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