Hessian Hills burglar is “The Ghost.”

Rob Seal at the DP reveals that the Hessian Hill burglar is a career criminal, nicknamed “The Ghost” in the 80s for his stealthy burglaring abilities. He’s committed hundreds of burglaries in the area. The amazing thing about this story is that he served very litle time for the burglaries, or for slashing the throat of a UVa student, but he did serve 18 years for possession of a half a gram of crack. A half a gram, for reference, is the weight of half of a paperclip. There’s something wrong here.

3 thoughts on “Hessian Hills burglar is “The Ghost.””

  1. Priorities are seriously F’d up. The violent crime should’ve carried much more weight than a drug crime. But the fact you mention lends itself to some points made in the “Medical marijuana” thread- drug crimes take priority because they pay better.

  2. One point I’m a little confused on: If leaving behind little or no evidence was the M.O. of The Ghost — how do they know they’ve got ‘im?

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