7 thoughts on “Beware The Police Protective Fund.”

  1. I had a feeling they were sketchy. Every time those guys call, I ask them to take me off their list. They are one of the only organizations that not only hangs up on me rudely every time, but continues to call.

    Nowadays, they show up on the caller ID, so I just don’t answer.

  2. Whenever I get a call from some organization soliciting donations and claiming to be the police or affiliated with the police I have to turn them down. One can never tell when they are genuine. And if I am going to donate I would rather make the donation at a local fund raising event than as the result of an unsolicited phone call.

  3. They called me again today, after asking to be removed from their list last year. Again, I politely refused, and again they rudely hung up on me. According to CharityNavigator.com they spend almost 2/3 of every dollar raised on more fund raising. As a charity, they reek.

  4. I received a call from them on Friday and when I politely told them no, the caller told me to “go to hell” and hung up. When I called the number to complain, I got a recording. The more I look into it, the more it looks like a scam.

  5. We have had nothing but problems with this group. They are without a doubt the rudest “charity” to ever call our home. I have constantly asked for them to take us off their calling list and they refuse! They seem to take some strange satisfaction in calling repeatedly.

  6. It’s a scam!
    I can always tell when they call because all the incoming phones in my house ring at the same time since they are just a few numbers off from each other.
    He told me he represented the local police force and was excempt from the do not call list.
    Not with that accent I told him.
    He had a local number on the caller ID but I told him he also lacked that Tennessee charm and manners.

    He cursed me and hung up.

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