Slim pickins for houses.

Realtor John Woodriff was asked by a client for a list of all four-bedroom houses for $200k or less in Charlottesville and Albemarle. He found two. The median price of homes sold in the area in the past four months is a staggering $345,000.

5 thoughts on “Slim pickins for houses.”

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  2. For 200k or less you’re looking at shared walls and one or two less bedrooms. If the local condo market goes bust then there may be a small chance at more affordable housing.

  3. Jim has a good point. I will clarify that in the post that I was only looking on the MLS.

    Thanks – John

    P.S. Waldo, would you please change Woodruff to Woodriff.

  4. We felt lucky to find three bedrooms & central air under $350K in 2005. And we didn’t find it on MLS — we just happened to be driving through the neighborhood.

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